General Event Information

WATTS over Owatonna is open to all pilots of electric RC aircraft. The landing fee covers all three days. All pilots must show proof of current AMA membership as this is a sanctioned event. Park Pilot memberships are welcome as long as your aircraft fall into the limits of the park flyer program.  We also welcome our Canadian friends and honor MAAC memberships as well.

The event will start on Thursday at 9 am and run till Saturday at 6 pm. You are more than welcome to come early or stay late. There will be a pilot meeting at 9:00 am each day followed by open flying. We will have some organized events such as a Mass Warbird Launch, Combat, night flying and possibly more.

Dry camping on site is welcomed, so come to enjoy the weekend.  Spectators are welcomed but we ask that all non-pilots or pit crew stay behind the pits and safety fence.  We do not charge admission for spectators.

It is recommended you operate on 2.4 GHz. There will be a frequency board in place and pilots on 72 MHz will be responsible for frequency control. We will have a sign up for pilots to register what frequencies they are on to help mitigate any conflicts. SMMAC will not be responsible for any issues that arise from operating on 72 MHz.

Combat at WATTS over Owatonna

We will be doing a simple combat event. It will take place on Saturday afternoon. The plane can be any plane you wish to use but it must be powered by a 1350 mah 3 cell lipo. The round will last no longer than 10 minutes. Each pilot will need a spotter to keep track of ribbon cuts. A plane will score one point for each ribbon cut. There will be congratulations for those who survive and awards to the winners of the combat event.

Mass Warbird Launch

We will be doing a Mass warbird launch if there is enough interest. This will be around mid-day on Saturday. This is open to any warbird powered by a 2100mah 3s lipo or less. We will all fly a designated pattern so everyone can show-off and land safely. Remember to check your 72mhz frequencies during the mass warbird launch.

Night Flying

Be sure to bring a night flyer to join in the fun after dark. There will be some fun extras along with awards for the night owls. If you don’t have a night flyer ready to go, you can likely pick up some lights on-site and there will be plenty of help wiring it up. So plan to stay late and have fun!

Overnight Storage of Airplanes

We will have limited space available in the hangar / shop and in a large enclosed trailer to store airplanes overnight. This space is preferred for large aircraft that cannot be easily torn down for storage in vehicles.